Creating Digital Membership Applications

Discover how BCAR has automated multiple steps of their realtor membership applications, waivers, and enrollment processes.


A PDF-based membership application was slowing the BCAR staff down and frustrating members. When any type of application needed to be submitted, members would have to print, hand fill, scan, and send the paperwork in. Oftentimes, the forms would come back with missing fields or illegible writing. This would delay processing new members, negatively impacting the member experience.


BCAR created a digital membership application form, which provided members a much better experience and drastically improved processing time for staff. The branded form collects applicant data, signatures, and payments within minutes. The form has been so successful that BCAR has created nearly 30 additional forms to transform other processes and workflows, such as waivers and program enrollment.

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Simplified workflows

Reduced multiple manual steps into one streamlined process

Saved time

Eliminated two hours of processing time per application

Improved data practices

Minimized data errors by eliminating handwriting

Enhanced the user experience

Increased member satisfaction due to easier process

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The BCAR is the local association level of the largest trade association in the nation presently serving its members comprised of REALTORS®, Appraisers, and Affiliate Members.
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